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Home is not a place- it’s a feeling… but it feels so much better when you live in beauty and order. How to transform your space to reflect your style, needs and desires? Simple! And it doesn’t take much.

  1. Get organized, and for that, turn to Ikea. Revamp your closet into a dream-space for your wardrobe. The DIY PAX System is more affordable than custom, but it looks great and can be tweaked in any way. You virtually design every corner, adding hanging space, drawers, shoe racks and more. With an array of design options, the formations are endless. …

If the Easter bunny comes in form of a supermom scrambling to get baskets together… join the club. With spring in the air, I’m just now thinking of unique basket stuffers that are meaningful, stimulating, and NON-CHOCOLATE. (Because let’s be real, who REALLY ends up eating all the candy?!)

Here are ten fun-filled finds ideal for Easter baskets and spring-time gatherings.

1. I See Me! Personalized Books

This “time capsule” is an adorable keepsake personalized with your child’s name and age. Blanks are provided for the parent or child to write their favorite things, draw family members, and more. The…

Is San Diego your happy place? Join the club. I’m thrilled to introduce you to a property you might not be familiar with, and it recently completed an expansive re-imagination and renovation.

San Diego Mission Bay Resort is an 18-acre property located in the heart of San Diego sitting waterfront at Mission Bay Park. Flaunting a “barefoot chic” beach lifestyle, the property is perfect for families seeking a true getaway, with comfy accommodations and plenty of on-site activities and amenities.


We stayed in a multi-level suite with SO MUCH SPACE. Seriously, our family of five could live in the…

Nadine Bubeck

Former TV Anchor turned all things mama. Parenting/lifestyle/travel contributor. Author, mompreneur, fashion designer. IG: @mamaandmyboys

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