The 4 Travel Safety Finds I Swear By

Nadine Bubeck
4 min readFeb 1, 2022


My grandfather was the kind of guy who told my mom to drive with a knife under her front seat. Old school, maybe… but truth is he just wanted her to be prepared for any situation.

Fast forward to now, I think my grandfather would be proud of the precautions I take when traveling, especially when I’m on the road solo with my sons and without my husband. While I may not have a steak knife stashed in my car, I do travel prepared, thanks to the following four innovative safety finds.


InvisaWear is a bracelet that could save your life.™

Flaunting a fashionable look, the charm on the bracelet has a hidden button on the backside. If you push the button two times, it immediately texts up-to five friends/family members to let them know that you need help; it also sends a text stating your exact GPS location.

InvisaWear works with a free phone app. The simple setup allows you to choose up-to five people that you’d like to notify. It also allows lets you enable a free and optional contact 9–1–1 feature which can share your location with police dispatchers during an emergency. In addition, you can set your phone to sound an alarm to deter the attacker or attract other people nearby.

The battery life is guaranteed to last one year or longer; in fact, the app automatically detects once the battery is low and sends a notification to purchase a discounted replacement charm ($99).

The best part: no monthly fees or subscriptions. Plenty of styles available, including plated 14k gold.

Use code NADINE for 10% off.

She’s Birdie

Meet your new personal safety alarm: She’s Birdie.

Birdie is a colorful keychain that has a 130db alarm and flashing strobe light designed to deter an attack. It easily attaches to a belt loop or purse.

Lightweight with your choice of color, the Birdie personal safety alarm is easy to spot in your bag. To help deter an attack, activate the LOUD 130db siren and flashing strobe light.

The Birdie is used by pulling the top, sounding the sired and light. When you feel safe, simply reinsert the top to deactivate the alarm.

Because it’s safe and easy to use, the Birdie is fit for all ages- kids included. Keep in mind, safety experts say the best way to deter an attack is by sound and light. And unlike most self-defense aids, you can take Birdie with you where-ever you go.

Use code: NADINE15 for 15% off.

MyMedic First Aid Kit

Sure, you can put together your own first aid kit, but why go through the trouble when you can get the best one from MyMedic? Equipped with high-performance life-saving supplies, this kit will leave you prepared, confident, and protected.

Made from durable nylon Cordura, the multi-use pack is stocked with over 100 quality first aid and trauma supplies. Items include everything you could possibly need to treat burns, bleeds, scrapes, sprains, blisters and more. There are also things you wouldn’t think of — hydration packs, saline, scissors, and a CPR shield. As a bonus, the tear-away pouch inside can be used as an additional mini first aid kit.

Booe Waterproof Belt Bag

While this isn’t a safety item per se, The Booe Waterproof Belt Bag is the most practical fanny pack you’ll use on the road. Completely 100% waterproof, the bag has a dedicated interior phone pocket with a mobile friendly clear back panel allowing you to keep using your phone in any wet environment. Keep your phone, keys, cash, sunglasses and other essentials dry during watery excursions.

And get this. The airtight construction allows the belt bag to float keeping your important items off the lake or ocean floor. Attach the included 1" adjustable strap and wear it as a belt bag, crossbody, on your shoulder, or around your neck. Available in an array of colors.



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